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Are you tirelessly juggling tasks to grow your business, only to find yourself overwhelmed by the complexities of doing too many things such as building landing pages, UX/UI design, brainstorming, ads, hiring the right remote staff and more😭?

Hawk Pixel Digital is your solution, Becoming our partner means streamlining these processes to save you time and grow your brand, without the hassle! - which is exactly what YOU should be doing.

Thing is, We've been there, too. Countless businesses have lost valuable time and resources by partnering with the WRONG solutions for tasks as crucial as building landing pages, SEO, Marketing or hiring remote staff worldwide. There had to be a better way.
Not anymore. Hawk Pixel Digital was founded to simplify and improve the way businesses tackle digital challenges with efficiency—from brand building, crafting ELITE landing pages to assembling the perfect remote team!

The Founder...

Hi there, I'm Joseph, the driving force and founder of this unique and passionate small agency. Here at Hawk Pixel Digital, we are more than just a team; we're a family of top-tier professionals handpicked by me to deliver outstanding digital solutions tailored to each client's needs. Our expertise covers a broad spectrum, from pioneering eCommerce development to extensive ecom solutions.

As someone deeply immersed in the digital world, I also serve as a Technical Support Specialist at Replo, enhancing my ability to offer cutting-edge solutions through the world's premier landing page builder. This enriches our capabilities at Hawk Pixel Digital, allowing us to blend innovative Replo technology with our robust digital strategies.

We're not just about building brands; we're about creating lasting impacts and forging strong connections between businesses and their global audiences.

Whether you're a burgeoning startup eager to make your mark or an established brand looking to rejuvenate your online presence, I am here to guide, help, build relationships and be part of your success! Read more....

"Joseph Odera is one of the most self-driven people I have ever met.."

Joseph Lam | CEO - Parents Are Human LLC

Partners & Featured

Odera Joseph At A Glance!

Coached over 100 students!
Ex-Dropshipping Company Founder
Owns PH's Biggest eCom FB Group!

Scale faster, convert faster with a custom Shopify landing page!

Join 200+ brands who have skyrocketed their sales using our landing page building service on Shopify with Replo! We'll craft from scratch, copy a competitor website, migrate your pages to Shopify with Replo or convert your Figma or Canva design to a full blown Shopify page!

Design that solves problems, one product at a time.

Custom Landing Pages

Let us create killer Shopify landing pages using Replo for you. We can replicate a competition website, a custom build or from a Figma design!

UI/UX design

We'll craft intuitive and visually compelling user experiences. Our designs are focused on streamlining the user journey, ensuring swift and satisfying interactions that drive results.

C.R Optimization

We'll help you solve complex issues affecting your Shopify store's conversion rates! We'll analyze your PDPs, landing pages and detect issues, FIX them and let you Soar!

Remote Staff Sourcing

The Philippines 🇵🇭 is a great place to hire remotely! We find, train and hire top talents for your business needs! All together in simple process using HAWK!

UGC Marketplace

Amplify your brand's and business exposure through UGC and influencer marketing using our proprietary software which is coming soon in 2024 - HAWK UGC

App & Software Dev

We engineer innovative apps and software that cater precisely to your business requirements. We develop robust, user-friendly solutions with efficency.

What makes us different?

We believe in doing things we’re passionate about.

When we’re doing things we don’t want to do, we’re not doing our best. So our goal is to stick to the stuff we’re passionate about. No taking on work that doesn’t thrill us.
Building features that actually make a difference
Letting employees take active ownership over their work
No burn-out from back-breaking work

Communicate Strong relationships are built on communication.

We don’t leave things unsaid. Because unsaid is often just another word for misunderstood. We over-communicate so everyone stays on the same page.
Letting everyone hold the mic
Honest, open communication
Even about the hard things

People first, profits later Building an environment people like working in.

By honest, we don’t mean harsh. We put kindness and empathy at the centre of our business, so we, our employees and our customers enjoy working together.
Unlimited paid leaves
Health insurance for all
Flexible work hours

Stay fresh Take action. Do unique, fun things.

We’ll admit: we’re not over-thinkers. We believe in action. We want to make things. Fast. We’re always about innovation.
Try new things
Even if that means failing a bit
Get to execution faster

Keep your feet on the ground Be confident, but down-to-earth.

As our lord and saviour Kendrick Lamar says, sit down, be humble. We don’t want to be another Valley tech bro (no offense). We want to remember our roots.
Being an active listener
Constantly learning
Adapting to all social groups and situations

Numbers that seal the deal


Over the past 5 years, I’ve worked with more than 200+ businesses.


We've always produced an exceptional services! - Consistent!


we’ve driven over 2M+ in conversions across all our services.

What people are saying

I met Joseph at the start of the Founder Institute cohort. He's a great guy full of big ideas, I am sure he'll do great!
Maria Sucgang - Founder and CEO at Remotify
Joseph is a very talented colleague. We worked together for 8+ months in the same team, and he had a tremendous impact on the team. He is highly result-driven and has a unique communication skill that drives people. He is a great team player, thoughtful, and brings a lot of positive energy to work.
Collins Mbaka  -  Support Engr At Replo
Joseph is one of the most self-driven people I have ever met. He goes above and beyond for all his work and tries to help our business improve in ways far beyond his scope of work. I originally brought him on to help me with customer support and he not only quickly started running the whole department, he’s advised us on many other initiatives in the company. He’s a deeply humble and overall amazing human being. It’s a gift to be able to work with him!
Joseph J. Lam -  CEO | Parents Are Human LLC

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the burning questions in your mind.

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How do I get started with Hawk Pixel Digital?

Getting started is easy! Simply schedule a Discovery Call with us to discuss your business goals and digital needs. We'll explore how our services can align with your objectives and set the foundation for a successful partnership.

Is there a minimum commitment period for your services?

We understand the flexibility needed in the business landscape. While some services may benefit from a longer-term commitment, we offer customizable solutions to meet the specific requirements of our clients.

What industries does Hawk Pixel Digital work with?

We work across various industries, catering to the diverse needs of businesses. Whether you're in retail, technology, healthcare, or any other sector, our adaptive strategies are designed to elevate your online presence.

How does your agency approach client projects?

Our approach is collaborative and strategic. We begin by understanding your business, target audience, and goals. From there, we craft personalized strategies, leveraging our expertise in digital marketing to deliver impactful results.

Where can I see some of your work?

While we are not able to show off all of our amazing work, we have showcased some of them for you to get an idea of what we can do and see some top elite stuff our team can provide, check our client page to see them

Are you connected or endorsed by Replo?

Replo is a different entity. Our connection to Replo is that Joseph (me), currently works by Replo. This does not equate to any form of favoritism or preference treatment from Replo. Hawk Pixel is just like any other regular agency promoting Replo. It was founded to use my skills to do more and that is telling the world about Replo and helping new businesses build on Replo. My position as a Technical Support Specialist - T2 at Replo not only enhances my ability to help businesses but also gives me a very good experience when it comes to understanding Replo as a product and using that experience in turn to help, teach, bring businesses on board and grow! We love Replo and we wont' have it another way - We only build with Replo!

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